Version 1.2 Released


Thank you for supporting this game and my other designs. I've made the a few changes to Version 1.2 of the game:

  • New fonts and small layout adjustment
  • Modified some of the question prompts
  • Made clarifications regarding language used in game
  • Made explicit that included setting is optional
  • Corrected typos

I hope you enjoy! The game will still be on sale for another few days, so if you like this game, please tell your friends about it.

If you played the game please let me know. You can contact me on Twitter @Magpie_Mirror or via email at


A Long Night in The Mech Bay v1_2.pdf 66 kB
Dec 30, 2019
A Long Night in The Mech Bay v1_2 Printer Friendly.pdf 66 kB
Dec 30, 2019

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